#JamOfTheDay “My Town” by Montgomery Gentry

Our story: Tim Tebow is a New York Jet, and more than 200 credentialed media attended his introductory press conference. This would be absurd, of course, considering Tebow is the backup to Mark Sanchez. But the media can’t help fuel Tebowmania, so the narrative that Tebow himself never asked for rages on. The bulk of the questions at Tebow’s press conference: “Tim, how will you handle the New York media?” “Tim, is it fair to Mark Sanchez that the Jets brought you in, considering your rabid following?” “Tim, how will you handle the pressure when Mark struggles and the fans start chanting your name?” No, this won’t be oppressive. Not at all.

Our song: Hell, the hashtag #TebowTakesManhattan broke out on Twitter today, so let’s just ride it. Let’s make this as monumental headache for everyone involved. We’re going with “My Town,” by Montgomery Gentry, for the country boy Tebow taking over New York City.

Key lyric: Where I was born, where I was raised, where I keep all my yesterdays. Where I ran off ‘cuz I got mad, and it came to blows with my old man. Where I came back to settle down, where they’ll put me in the ground, this is my town.

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