Now Reading: Gay Talese, Edible Selby, Google Spanner, meat shot glasses

‘Now Reading’ is a daily collection and sharing of online stories and is meant for minimal consumption by the few readers of this blog. Topics will include books, food, matters of culture, photography, media and technology … there are no rules. Have a story to add? Share it in the comments.

Visiting Gay Talese’s “subterranean think tank”

The New Yorker produced a short video of writer Gay Talese showing off his underground office in New York and explaining part of his writing process. Talese has file cabinets lining the place and papers stuffed everywhere, as he calls himself a “man of record.” Since 1945, Talese has made a habit out of taking down daily notes – where he went, what he say, who he spoke to, etc. He has them organized by the day and year and can reference them at any time to see what happened in his life on, say, June 8, 1954. It’s incredible. Whomever writes the definitive biography of Gay Talese at least will know where to start.

Edible Selby – Bell De Jour

Really cool interactive feature from NYT Magazine about Julia Ziegler-Haynes, an artist and former waitress in Brooklyn. She got into food with an unusual project (click the link!) and enjoyed the experience so much she wanted to share the artistic underbelly of cooking and presentation. So she created the Dinner Bell, a supper club that she organizes and runs out of her home on Long Island, N.Y. The Dinner Bell brings strangers with a love of food together, and Ziegler-Haynes runs the show. Beautiful home and set up.

The porchetta sandwich at Maialino

I just recently came across The Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts’ terrific food blog, and was drawn in by Roberts’ reviews that combined a professional evaluation of the food with a personal accounting of the dining experience. This isn’t a new idea, of course, and there are many other writers other than Roberts who do this well. But that’s not always the case – many times you get one or the other. Roberts has something for everybody on his site, including this brief post on eating alone at the Maialino bar.

Google and a global database

A couple weeks ago, Google introduced ‘Spanner,’ a storage system that will attempt to somewhat-streamline more than 10 million servers in hundreds of data centers across the world. GPS is a big part of the plan.

Now available: Meat shot glasses

Only in America.

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