Now Reading: Brooklyn Nets, Halloween candy, Hemingway drinks, Hurricane Sandy poem

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Marv Albert’s true home game

Marv Albert, the great NBA broadcaster for TNT, writes in the New York Times about growing up in Brooklyn and how sports played a part in shaping his young life. He was a ball boy for the Knicks, and he was an “office boy” for the Brooklyn Dodgers. When Walter O’Malley decided to move the Dodgers to Los Angeles, he wrote Marv a letter asking him if he’d follow him to Southern California. Marv was 16. His mama essentially said no. This Thursday, Marv will call the Brooklyn Nets’ first home game at the Barclays Center. After a 50-year Hall of Fame career, Marv finally gets to call a true home game.

Halloween candy for adults (not intoxicating kind)

Melissa Clark, tired of dipping her hands into her child’s Halloween candy stash, decided to do some experimenting and create “adult” Halloween candy (no, not treats that get you drunk, but treats that play to advanced palates.) I love the idea of Halloween candy for adults, but I’ll be among the first to admit that sometimes I have a cheap craving for kid candy. I’m not really the dessert type, so my sweet tooth is limited to begin with, but sometime it’s hard to beat, say, a Snickers bar. I don’t know why.

A book of Ernest Hemingway’s drinks

This is my leader in the clubhouse for “Best Christmas Gift of 2012” award: A book with descriptions and recipes for all of the cocktails Ernest Hemingway (and Ernest Hemingway’s characters) drank in the author’s numerous works. The genius behind this book is Philip Greene, a man who spends his days doing trademark counsel for the Marines.

A poem in the wake of Sandy

Lastly, the Page-Turner blog dug up a poem by Wislawa Szymborska for those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Szymborska wrote poetry about Poland post WWII, and therefore many of the themes in her work deal with storms and destruction and rebuilding and hope – all things needed for those who got the worst of Sandy. The poem is titled, “Into the Ark.”

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