Now Reading: Lincoln, Thanksgiving turkey, Guy Frieri’s new restaurant

‘Now Reading’ is a collection and sharing of online stories and is meant for minimal consumption by the few readers of this blog. Topics will include books, food, matters of culture, photography, media and technology … there are no rules. Have a story to add? Share it in the comments.

An underwhelming review of ‘Lincoln’

Checked back in with Richard Brody, the movies editor at The New Yorker, to get his thoughts on “Lincoln.” I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t offer any thoughts of my own, but from reading Brody’s, it sounds like an underwhelming film that Spielberg dumbed down in some parts and failed to portray the magnitude of the history in others. If that’s true, that’s disappointing. But it does sound like Daniel Day-Lewis does a quality job as Abe.

A new way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey

I don’t know how you prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, but Jacques Pepin says you should steam it. By doing this, Pepin says, the outside of the turkey gets a nice crusty brown while the white meat remains considerably tender and moist. Also, steaming the turkey extrapolates fat from the bird, and it collects at the bottom of the pot and is the makings of a rich gravy. Oh, and the top photo of this story is awesome.

Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar: An anhilation 

There are few food writers in the country better than the New York Times’ Pete Wells. He can write a glowing profile of a local chef, he can bring you to the table during a wonderful meal he’s having at a new place and he can brandish a blow torch when he reviews a restaurant that offends the basic human palate. He does that last thing here in his review of Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, the new restaurant of Food Network’s Guy Frieri. This is as good as restaurant reviews get.

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