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Matthew Weiner talks about writing and Mad Men

If you like screenwriting, writing of any kind, storytelling, Mad Men, television in general or really anything else in the creative business, this Paris Review Q&A with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is well worth your time. He discusses his writing process, his career, how his hit show came together and much more. One of the most fascinating parts to me: Weiner’s habit for standing in a room, an assistant waiting to transcribe, and dictating scenes when writing Mad Men. Also gives him some ammunition when a soft actor says a line is too difficult to speak. Pretty brilliant.

Some advice for college graduates

It’s that time of year: Kids are graduating from college and looking for advice, whether it be at their commencement ceremonies or elsewhere. Arthur C. Brooks offers some advice in The New York Times after listening to (and giving) many commencement speeches. This is good advice for anyone, not just graduates, particularly No. 1 and No. 4.

The next big technology

Marc Andreessen is a guy who knows stuff. A highly successful venture capitalist, he talks to ace NYT tech writer Nick Bilton about Silicon Valley, whether other valleys can pop up in different locations, the next thing that will be as transformative as the web browser and one change he’d immediately make to Twitter (if only for purely selfish reasons).

What GoPro means when it calls itself a media company

GoPro, the high-tech camera company whose hardware creates some of the most riveting first-person video we enjoy around the Web, has filed for an IPO and is branding itself as a media company. As Zach Seward explains in Qz, something called the GoPro Network exists and is producing content, although the two issues with it currently are obvious: distribution and revenue (or lack thereof). Zach sees the future of GoPro always being primarily a hardware company, with media being simply the medium through which it communicates, but I could see a GoPro Network finding traction, particularly if it’s digitally driven and leverages the audience its already built with its YouTube channel (almost 1.9 million subscribers).

I could see it selling advertising on its YouTube Network, licensing original GoPro experiences and creating original content that utilizes GoPro elements but isn’t in itself just a GoPro video (e.g. documentaries with GoPro shots mixed in). I could see a subscription service that offers exclusive content and out-of-the-box ideas such as consulting on a couple personal GoPro videos per year. There are lots of ideas to create and monetize content, with its hardware business providing the company’s foundation (see any similarities to Beats Music, which just sold to Apple for a reported $3.2 billion).

The day I started lying to Ruth

This is an incredibly sad and difficult story, but also a beautiful one. It’s about a cancer doctor losing his wife to the disease. I held off reading it for two weeks, but after it wouldn’t go away on my social media feeds, I figured I had to give it a read. Others who have gone through what Peter Bach went through seemed to find some form of comfort in the story (even given how painful it is), so hopefully you do, too, if you can relate to the author.

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