Nick Bilton’s book: “Hatching Twitter,” part I

Sedaris book: “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls,” part II

True Detective: The women of the HBO crime series

Sedaris’ book of essays: “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls,” part I

Vanished, part II: The end for the Arnett airmen

New book review style: Vanished, part 1

Lone Survivor: The task of reviewing war films

Malcolm Gladwell’s book: “David and Goliath” and Gladwell bashing

Michael Paterniti’s book: ‘The Telling Room’ and our family histories

Michael Herr’s Vietnam book: ‘Dispatches’ and five conflicting themes

Nina Sankovitch’s memoir: Tolstoy and the Purple Chair

9/11: Remembering at Citi Field

Willie Morris’ memoir: New York Days

Amy Jo Martin’s social media book: Renegades Write The Rules

New Yorker Fiction Review: Experience

New Yorker Fiction Review: The Women

New Yorker Fiction Review: The Lost Order

“What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?”: Richard Ben Cramer

Thanksgiving food: Thanksgiving feast power rankings

New Yorker Fiction Review: Breatharians

Hunter S. Thompson: The Rum Diary

New Yorker Fiction Review: The Semplica-Girl Diaries

Easy steak: Steak for a lazy cheapskate

On the Freedom Trail: Freedom Trail Lessons

On Norman Mailer’s book: “The Fight”

Lessons in Fiction: Intro, “An Abduction”

On Wells Tower and scenes: Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

On the movie ‘Ted’: “Ted”

On Boston, Sam Adams Brewery: Drinking at Sam’s house

On The Pit, Raleigh, N.C.: A visit to The Pit

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