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Now Reading

5.19.20: Mad Men, college grads, Silicon Valley, GoPro, cancer doc

4.29.14: El Chapo, Mad Men, TV writing, whiskey, more

3.31.14: Digital video and Bloomberg, reporting tips, Bounty

3.18.14: Malaysia Airlines flight 370, Beats music, Scarlett Johansson

3.11.14: True Detective finale, journalism biz, Elisabeth Moss, Peter Lanza

2.21.14: Internet ruining TV, Hemingway, LeBron, dating apps, more

2.17.14: Eric Chuch, Bill Murray, Netflix vs. HBO, amazing pics, more

2.6.14: Philip Seymour Hoffman, better Twitter, CVS cigs, Amazon pilots

1.30.14: Digital media bubble, American Hustle, Brian Stelter, prayers

12.20.13: 2013 writing advice, filmmaking, social media filters

12.12.13: Inc, business, whiskey, Tech Crunch, American Hustle

12.11.13: Uber’s global potential, Spotify, snooze buttons

11.18.13: Adventure vs. experience, Saslow, doctors, European jobs

11.14.13: Junod on Clooney, women in sports, Lee Harvey Oswald

11.5.13: The future of news, Mailer’s life, Bosh on coding, Remnick

10.24.13: Mike Tyson’s thug life, Bounty, bad decisions, Jeff Bezos

10.14.13: Brian Koppleman on screenwriting, Jack Dorsey, network TV

10.11.13: Nick Bilton’s Twitter book, time perception, Navy Yard shooting

9.30.13: Source of success, Brainpickings, Miley Cyrus, writer’s block

9.24.13: Social media and Chicago gangs, Clive Thompson, Mariano

7.15.13: Johnny Manziel, Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon, murder trials

7.1.13: Instagram video and ‘The Suicide Detective’

5.14.13: Japanese literature, pulled pork, architecture, Nashville

5.11.13: YouTube, Nautilus science mag, Bill Cheng

3.16.13: Joyce Carol Oates, family histories, San Francisco bars

2.16.13: Connie Britton, NYT Magazine, the man who killed ‘UBL’

1.20.13: Earl Weaver, Stan Musial, Zero Dark Thirty controversy

1.6.13: George Saunders, monetizing social media, Roxana Robinson

12.31.12: New Yorker fiction, Greg Bishop, perfect coffee, A.J. Green

12.21.12: ‘Snow Fall’ by The New York Times

12.17.12: The Wirecutter, Zero Dark Thirty, Newtown

12.11.12: Wall Street Journal, Bruno Mars, New York City booze

12.7.12: Barclays eats, Pete Wells, ‘Not Fade Away’

12.3.12: Gluten-free cooking, network TV, social media, Paul Rudd

11.27.12: The Washington Post, digital journalism, Marvin Miller, Fireman Ed

11.26.12: War journalists, Oprah, Peyton Manning, Double Take

11.17.12: The girl who can’t feel pain, Robert De Niro, book publishing, women on TV

11.13.12: Lincoln, Thanksgiving turkey, Guy Frieri’s new restaurant

11.10.12: Mike Woodson, Skyfall, Philip Roth

11.5.12: Nate Silver, presidential election, New York mag’s Hurricane Sandy issue

10.30.12: Brooklyn Nets, Halloween candy, Hemingway drinks, Hurricane Sandy

10.23.12: Umami Burger, Steve Jobs, iPad Mini

10.17.12: L.A. Review of Books, Detroit, RZA

10.11.12: National Book Award, classic novel reviews, Lorin Stein

10.5.12: Gay Talese, Google, Edible Selby, meat shot glasses(!)

9.30.12: Student writers, Ernest Hemingway

9.25.12: Norman Mailer’s movies, Pittsburgh startups, Einstein app

9.24.12: J.K. Rowling, Quartz, Boukies


3.26.12: “My Town” — Montgomery Gentry

3.7.12: “I’m gonna find another you” — John Mayer

3.6.12: “Centerfield” — John Fogerty

3.5.12: “Mama said knock you out” — LL Cool J

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